Splice Protection Sleeves

Modal( 40mm / 45mm & 60mm)

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We are manufacturer of Fiber Optic Splice Sleeve is a combination of transparent plastic tubing and a stainless-steel rod that is ideal for safeguarding fusion fiber optic splices in field and factory operations. It is designed for wall-mount, aerial strand-mount, pedestal, underground, strand-mount and pole-mount applications.Transparent plastic tube with stainless-steel rod.Fiber Optic Splice Sleeve are manufactured using state of the art machines


Fiber splice sleeve is composed of a steel strength member, inner fiber tube and outer shrink tube, two clear outer tubes for viewing the color of the optical fiber itself.These sleeves are designed to fit smaller width splice trays while still accommodating both 250_m and 900_m fibers.

Sleeves are manufactured using state of the art machines and controlled manufacturing environment in an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility.

Outer tube conforms to MIL-I 23053/5 class 2 standards

A choice of strength member (stainless steel) provides additional rigidity to prevent micro bending or breakage of the fiber ;and the advantage of just one aperture to prevent misalignment.This single opening provides greater assembly accuracy and repeatability and prevents the misplacement of the fiber. The EVA inner tube that is visible at each end of the splice sleeve. Flexible pinless splice sleeves are also available.It can reconstruct overlay fiber and can provide good mechanical strength at the junction,to ensure good optical transmission properties.

Strength member is made from “”Full hard”” stainless steel of 304 grade and is ground at the edges before polishing to make it completely burr free to avoid rupturing during shrinking. 304 grade gives better corrosion resistance, even in coastal environment. Resistant to heat shocks, no cracking dripping or flowing.

Our fiber optic fusion splice protector sleeves have good performance of moisture-proof and environmental .And they are protectionare compatible with all splice sleeve ovens and trays ,providing maximum lasting protection for splicing fiber in any application.

Long term proven performance, exceeds industry standards with satisfied customer”


Applications Aerial Strand Mount, Pedestal, Pole Mount, Strand

Mount, Underground, Wall Mount

Compatible With BTI, CTB-FTB, FDST, PBO, PBPO

Indoor/Outdoor Indoor, Outdoor

Product Type Accessory

Solution for Access Network: FTTH/FTTB/CATV, Access Network: xDSL, Long-haul/Metro Loop Network: Outdoor, Wireless Network: Backhaul
Splice Type Single Fusion

  • Protection Sleeves Lenght:35mm; 40mm, 45mm , 50mm , 55mm , 60mm,
  • Steel needle Diameter: 1.0mm,1.2mm,1.5mm (Standard Single Fiber)
  • Custom lengths available
  • No influence on the fiber’s transmission
  • Splice point protection and intensity improvement
  • Easy operation and reduction of the risk of managing fiber
  • External tube clearly showing the status of connection
  • Airproof configuration keeping the splice point’s good resistance of humidity and temperature
  • Operating temperature ranging from -45℃ to 100℃