Optical Fiber Attenuator

Optical Fiber Attenuator

Make:  Radiant Technologies

Model: SM / MM

Our wide range of Attenuators contain doped fiber suitable for both 1310nm and 1550nm operation.

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Optical attenuator is a passive device used to reduce the power level of an optical signal. It is generally used in single-mode long-haul applications to prevent optical overload at the receiver. Optical attenuator is widely used in CWDM&DWDM, CATV systems, data center networks, test equipment and other high power applications.

Available connector types


Technical specifications

Parameter Values
Type FC,SC,ST or LC (UPC or APC polish)
Operating wavelength (nm) 1310 , 1550 (±50nm) or dual windows
Attenuation Range (d.B) 1dB̰ ~25 dB̰

25 dB̰ ~ 35 dB̰

Attenuation Precision ±O.5 dB̰ (<10 dB̰)

±10%(>10 dB̰)

Return loss(d.B) >45 dB̰
Maximum PDL(d.B) 0.1
Repeatability(d.B) <0.1
Operating temperature  ( ̊C) -40~ +85
Storage Temperature ( ̊C) -40~ +85